New movie set in 1980s honors its forebears


What’s not to love about a Ghostbusters visual reference followed by a Weekend at Bernie’s shout-out and a water-soaked Flashdance silhouette, all to the tune of Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me Baby?” The filmmakers behind the musically named flick Take Me Home Tonight, starring Topher Grace and Anna Faris, are supplementing their modest ad budget and appealing to nostalgia for all things ’80s with a video snippet that hat-tips seminal movies like Risky Business, Say Anything, Poltergeist and The Breakfast Club. Grace even busts out a not-half-bad impression of Michael J. Fox circa Back to the Future. The team behind Take Me Home Tonight will find the weekend of March 4, when the movie launches, if there’s any love left for Member’s Only jackets, Flock of Seagulls hairdos and Ferris Bueller-style joy rides. But picking out all the Ghost and Rain Man cues isn’t a bad way to fritter away a few minutes. FYI: That’s a band called Atomic Tom doing a cover of the original Human League, with the movie’s co-star Demetri Martin as DJ.