This Fan Edit Makes the New Ghostbusters Trailer 100% Better by Cutting an Entire Minute

All the funny and phantoms, without the filler

Whether the Ghostbusters reboot trailer left you excited or feeling your childhood was being smothered in feminectoplasm, we can all agree on this: Much of the trailer was pretty lame.

There were some great moments, fueled primarily by the comedic casting and loving call-backs to the 1984 original. But there was also a lot of what could generously be described as filler. The wig scene. The possessions. The random Chris Hemsworth. None of it made the movie actually seem more appealing.

Enter a hero: Danny Allen.

A multitalented writer, director and producer based in the U.K., Allen decided to recut the trailer to leave in just the good bits. In the process, he trimmed more than a minute off the official video.

Here's Allen's edit, followed by the original for comparison. I think you'll agree this is the version Columbia Pictures should have released:

Official version: