Demented Shampoo Ad From Japan Has Everyone Screaming, Including Viewers

Wash the insanity right out of your hair

When you think about all the people you need to appease in life, it can get pretty hairy. Your parents, your friends, your significant other, your boss, your co-workers—it's rough.

Well, here's a commercial that sympathizes, and presents a unique solution.

The downright hare-brained spot comes to us from Japanese shampoo brand Mesocare and agency Dentsu. It plays out like Rodgers and Hammerstein's insane night terror, and will freak you out, too. So, without further hairdo, watch people scream at each other while dangling from hair follicles.

Via Ads of the World.

And here's the extended cut (no subtitles), which is worth it for the ending alone:

Client: Mesocare
Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo
Creative Director: Yosuke Hiraishi
Copywriter: Yuto Ogawa
Director: Wataru Sato
Photographer: Onomichi
Producers: Sumina Sugita, Tomomitsu Nakano, Yuki Awatsu, Naomi Yamamoto