Apple Makes a Splash With Lovely Debut Ads for the iPhone X and Latest Apple Watch

Including one with customers reading their own letters to Apple

Apple made headlines Tuesday by introducing not only the iPhone 8 but also the iPhone X (aka, iPhone 10). And while its signature smartphones were buoyed by several lovely new ads, it was arguably the Apple Watch—which also got a significant upgrade today—that got the most notable new commercials.

Among them was “Dear Apple,” a two and a half minute video in which real customers narrate real letters they sent to Apple thanking the company for making the Apple Watch (yes, such people do exist), which, they propose, has helped them live healthier lives.

“Dear Apple” brings the customer-centric approach of a campaign like “Shot on iPhone” into the real of video testimonials—echoes, in concept if not format, of the old Mac “Switchers” spots.

Along with “Dear Apple” came a more straightforward 37-second spot for the watch, whose Series 3 has cellular capabilities, meaning it no longer has to be tethered to the iPhone. The spot below, “Surf,” is a great-looking set piece showing a surfer who gets a call while out on the waves. (Lee Clow would approve.)

The iPhone X, meanwhile, got some liquid gold of its own, in the form of a 30-second spot gorgeously celebrating the device’s new screen, which occupies the entire front of the phone. This is illustrated by showing colorful liquids mixing and moving around the screen, to the sounds of Sofi Tukker’s track “Best Friend.”

The colorful launch video evokes both the old iPod silhouette ads, as well as the recent trend of paint-mixing videos that have become popular on Instagram.

The iPhone 8 got its own :30, hawking the new Portrait Lighting feature:

We also got three other videos—two longer-form spots going into more detail about the iPhone X, as well as the shortest spot of them all, an 8-second ditty for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. See those below.

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