Amazon Alexa Is Voiced by Alex Jones in This Hilarious Parody Ad

The device gets just a little less friendly

Alex Jones has a very specific and recognizable voice that you’ve likely heard talking about frogs and whether or not they’re gay. With his memorable baritone and the news of his recent interview with Megyn Kelly for NBC, it’s easy to see why someone might use his voice—Jones hosts the controversial radio show InfoWars—for an easy gag.

The parody spot below imagines a world where Amazon Echo’s Alexa isn’t some random computerized voice programmed to answer your inane questions but a man who spouts conspiracy theories all day every day no matter what you ask him. For instance a woman in the spot asks, “Alexa, what time is it?” and the new Alex Jones version of Alexa replies, “Time to die.”

The bit runs a little too long—no one needs to watch the full two minutes to get the joke—but it’s a fun spoof.

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