Adorable Floating City Makes the Perfect Setting in Ad for Cloud Storage

Cute Israeli spot

As dirigible-based love stories go, this one's pretty cute. Israeli telecom Pelephone highlights the soft and fluffy side of cloud storage by creating a serene urban landscape populated by floating homes and door-to-door delivery blimps.

While likely inspired by this year's massively popular video game Bioshock Infinite, which takes place in a floating city dedicated to American exceptionalism circa 1912, this spot's levitating landscape seems a bit warmer and fuzzier, and less likely to leave you brutally murdered.

Hat tip to The Presurfer. Credits below.

Agency: Grey Adler Chomsky & Warshavsky
Director: Eli Sverdlov
Director of Photography: Mano Kadosh
Production Company: Mulla Productions
Computer Graphics, Visual Effects: Gravity, Ilan Bouni
Music: Guy Amitai
Editor: Dedan Uziel
Narrator: Dedan Uziel
Sound: Soundhouse