AdFreak’s bloody collection of ‘Saw’ posters


In 2003, a group of Australian filmmakers created a 10-minute horror short that, within a year, would be fleshed out into one of the genre's most influential movies in a generation. Seven years later, Saw isn't just one of the most successful film franchises of all time; it's become a Halloween tradition, heralded each year by posters that are grisly, stylized and consistently captivating. With this year's installment, Saw 3D, reportedly marking the end of the series, we've compiled a gallery of U.S. posters for all seven Saw films, along with some online motion posters for Saw 3D, plus each year's Saw Blood Drive ad for the American Red Cross. So, if you're ready for a stroll down dismembery lane, click here to see the complete Saw poster gallery.