A Couple of Sheepskin Rugs Enjoy the Comforts of Ikea in Brand’s Latest Cute Commercial

Products are people, too!

Imagine life if everything were an Ikea product. Including you.

A $79 sheepskin rug rolls out of bed as if it were human, at the sound of a $9 alarm clock, in a new ad from the Australian arm of the Swedish furniture chain.

It turns out the anthropomorphic floor covering, who lives in an apartment complex with its significant other (also a rug) and its puppy (a $10 step stool), is on a very special mission.

Spoiler alerts ahead. It’s bringing breakfast in bed to its partner, and just happens to step on an Ikea squeaky toy along the way.

The set, naturally, features exclusively gear from the retailer. The agency is The Monkeys in Sydney. Puppeteers Jonny and Will of British production company Blink direct, reprising for the brand after working on Dougal Wilson’s 2015 story about a flock of T-shirts finding their way home, through a cruel and unwelcoming world, to an Ikea storage bin.

The new ad’s playful feel is also consistent with other work from the marketer in recent years, including the spot with the giant toys throwing a dinner party with a bunch of kids (the toys turned out to be really cool grownups).

Mostly, though, it’s a nice little story about one wool throw doing a kindness for another, presumably after a long night of shagging. A shorter companion spot, meanwhile, features the protagonist primping and preening with a comb, seemingly before a date.

To its credit, the goofy concept and its relatable charm also come with a clear sales message: Don’t waste another minute. Get down to the store right away, and carpet diem on these great prices.

Then again, if you’re too quick to oblige, you might start to feel like a plain old doormat.