X-Men Meet Mad Men in Quiznos' Newest Pop Culture Sandwich Follow-up to brand's hot 'House of Thrones'

Quiznos', a branded content hub that got an early boost from a popular Game of Thrones-House of Cards mashup, is once again pounding together two pop culture icons.

The results of Mad X-Men: Don Draper's Future Past are mixed, but one theme is consistent with the previous video: The main actor (Ross Marquand, who also played Quiznos' Frank Underwood and Rust Cohle in a spot-on AT&T parody) may not look the part, but he sure talks the part.

Somewhat ironically, the video's best scenes are almost pure Mad Men homage, with a random X-Men reference thrown in at the end. (If you're going to put that much effort into Mystique special effects, why waste it being awkward and quasi-homophobic? Eh, it's your money, Quiznos.)

Via Digg.

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