Rebellion traces GOP dystopia back to you

Moveon olivia wilde

Putting yourself and your friends in fake news clips is a pretty dated viral technique, but keeps the idea entertaining with its new anti-Republican effort for the Nov. 2 election. Even if you don't share their politics, you have to appreciate the tongue-in-cheek delivery as Olivia Wilde — forcibly "rebranded" in the future as "Olivia Kickin’ Chipotle Glazed Time Warner" — describes the GOP's privatization of America and President Palin’s declaration of "ultrawar" against the Pacific Ocean. While I'm not sure I'd like to see Social Security replaced with a daily motivational e-mail from John Boehner, I don’t see anything wrong with a future where my Facebook profile pictures inspire the masses. Throw in a zombie outbreak, and I'm voting straight-ticket. Via Adam Covati.

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