Dads Lead the Charge to Get 'Amazon Mom' to Become 'Amazon Family' Twitter campaign pressures retailer

While 2014 brought a surge of pro-female advertising, brands kicked it up a notch at the Super Bowl this year with some pro-dad advertising. Now, parents are rallying for Amazon to change the name of its popular Amazon Mom program—which helps parents buy the right kid products for the prenatal through toddler years—to Amazon Family.

The call for change was inspired by the death of popular dad blogger Oren Miller, who had promoted a petition for Amazon to change the name.

"Please sign that petition. Please," Miller once wrote. "It's not about a name and it's not about me personally being offended and it's not about stupid emails about yoga classes. It's about a company that looks at the U.S., then looks at England, and then decides that over there, parent equals mom or dad, while here, well, we're not ready for that yet."

Dads (and moms and nonparents) have taken to Twitter, using the hashtag #AmazonFamilyUS and sharing an image which deftly questions why the name "Amazon Family" is used in the U.K., Canada, Germany, Austria, France and Japan, but in the U.S., apparently only moms are purchasing diapers and Pop-Tarts en masse.

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