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The 50 Gayest Ads Ever

Why is it still so shocking to see gay people in mainstream ads? At a time when every other demographic is practically shoehorned into marketing for the sake of diversity, gays and lesbians are still all but invisible in the TV advertising landscape. But while you might not have seen many yourself, gay-themed TV ads are definitely out there. To close out Gay Pride Month, we tracked down 50 of them from around the world and organized them into seven categories that seem to keep popping up ("Lesbians Are Hot," "Don't Tell Mom," etc.). Check out the collection after the jump.

Probably the most common way homosexuality is used in TV advertising is as a dramatic twist (or sometimes a punch line). Here are 10 ads that put subtly different spins on the surprise ending.

Miller Genuine Draft1

Click to view YEAR: 2001
If you'll buy people drinks without even knowing what they look like, you're obviously not the narrow-minded type to begin with.


Click to view YEAR: 1995
A classic "Oops, gay!" approach, this time used to sell Norwegian orange juice, though the product gets a bit lost in the mix.


Click to view YEAR: 2007
AGENCY: M&C Saatchi
Since an airplane is the only place where you really find co-ed bathrooms these days, I have to assume women are constantly having sex in the stalls everywhere else.

Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp.4

Click to view YEAR: 2004
AGENCY: Unknown
Philly tourism brings history and homosexuality together, without even turning it into a joke. Nice example of how destination marketers have been on the leading edge of gay-friendly advertising.


Click to view YEAR: 2004
COUNTRY: Germany
Volkswagen finally breaks the stereotype that only straight people are lame enough to drive minivans.


Click to view YEAR: 2001
AGENCY: Public Interest Productions/Radical Media
One of the few ads that show gay people being active in a subculture, especially one as adrenaline-fueled as skating.


Click to view YEAR: 1999
COUNTRY: Australia
AGENCY: Generator
What, you can't carpool with a 1970s pro wrestler without being considered gay?

Kronenbourg 16648

Click to view YEAR: 1998
AGENCY: Unknown
If Mentos ads had lesbians and beer, they'd look like this.

Dolce & Gabbana9

Click to view YEAR: 2006
AGENCY: Unknown
One of several gay-inclusive international ads for Dolce & Gabbana.

Johnnie Walker10

Click to view YEAR: 1997
COUNTRY: Australia
AGENCY: Leo Burnett
Johnnie Walker's Australian campaign in support of "revolutions" was ahead of its time, and probably a bit optimistic. As recently as 2010, Australia's Senate rejected a Marriage Equality Bill.

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