7 Social Analytics Best Practices of Leading Luxury Brands

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast April 9, 2019)
How do top luxury brands use analytics to propel their brands on social media? Social analytics platform NetBase has analyzed and ranked the social media of major luxury brands in fashion, hotels, jewelry, automobiles, beauty and more. They’ll be sharing these results along with case studies of how these companies use social analytics to grow and protect their brands.

Measure the Effectiveness of Pandora Advertising

Thursday, April 4, 2019, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT
Pandora is the largest streaming music provider in the U.S., connecting over 120 million users to the audio entertainment they love. Pandora advertisers have the opportunity to reach their audiences through the services’ many ad solutions including audio, video, display and sponsored content. But how can you gauge the impact of your Pandora advertising efforts?

How Your Agency Can Win the Work You Actually Want

Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT
How do brand marketers decide to outsource to an agency instead of keeping the work in house? Agency Management Institute (AMI) spoke with over 500 senior decision makers, and the findings might surprise you. The study identifies the kinds of work these brand marketers want agencies to do, what frustrates them enough to pull work in-house, and how they feel about their own internal resources.

How Brooks Running Perfects Its Ecommerce

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 28, 2019)
Brooks Running is a 100-year old company that continually innovates to deliver world-class running shoes. From first-time to trail runners and everyone in between, Brooks wants to deliver a unique website experience tailored to the interests of that specific group. Through simple website testing and personalization, the brand has been able to do just that.

Journey Management Best Practices

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 27, 2019)
What do you really know about the customer journey? With greater attention being paid to personalization and customer experience, marketers need a clear view of the various touchpoints that make up the typical path to conversion. Simply mapping the journey doesn’t cut it. You need to actually orchestrate it through a single, visual source that considers all your relevant journey analytics.

Your Toolkit for More Successful Decision-Making

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 26, 2019)
Did you know successful people make decisions differently? Here’s what sets them apart: They know how to discern big decisions from small and medium ones and build the momentum into a winning streak. Mike Whitaker, author of The Decision Makeover, has studied successful decision-making by successful decision-makers and cracked the code on their winning formula.

The New Age of Television Measurement

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 21, 2019)
New research from industry expert Advertiser Perceptions uncovers how marketers are concerned about their inability to accurately measure attribution across all their media channels, specifically TV. Find out what's missing from your measurement stack and how location intelligence can effectively measure TV performance.

Invest in Lasting Influencer Relationships

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 20, 2019)
Influencer marketing is projected to hit over $10 billion in brand spend by the year 2020. As the playing field shifts due to social media algorithms, the rise of microinfluencers (and nanoinfluencers) and new regulations, it’s more important than ever for brands to build long-standing relationships with a trusted influencer network.

The Changing Privacy Landscape’s Impact on Data-Driven Advertising

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 19, 2019)
From the California Consumer Protection Act (“CCPA”) to various proposals for both state and federal privacy laws, it is clear that the use of consumer data has become one of the defining issues of our time. Learn what questions you should be asking your teams and what steps you can take right now to help your business adjust to this new era of privacy.

See TV Differently by Executing Programmatically

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast March 14, 2019)
With upfronts season fast approaching, it’s critical that brands and agencies plan their media campaigns for the most impactful results. But the tried-and-true way of buying TV no longer gets the results most advertisers demand. Executing your upfront deals programmatically can help you gain insights and drive performance, making your TV dollars go farther.