Make a Measurable DEI Impact Through YouTube Ads

Thu, Apr 25, 2024 1:00 PM ET

Brands and agencies are seeking ways to support diverse communities through their ad spending on YouTube. But accomplishing this has been challenging because campaigns can touch thousands of creator channels, with no real way to understand the diverse communities they represent.

Discover how leading brands are addressing some of the DEI challenges on YouTube, building successful impact strategies that are measurable, from leaders at Kellanova, Starcom, Culture Genesis and Pixability. You’ll find out:

  • Best practices for supporting diverse creators and communities on YouTube
  • The strategies advertisers are using to work with both top and up-and-coming diverse YouTubers to drive measurable value and improve campaign results
  • How creators themselves benefit from the right types YouTube campaigns

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Photo of the speaker, Chelsea Jenkins, in the webinar

Chelsea Jenkins

Sr. Director, Cultural and Inclusive Marketing, Kellanova

Photo of the speaker, Will Thomas, in the webinar

Will Thomas

SVP, Brand Partnerships, Culture Genesis

Photo of the speaker, Gordon Bach, in the webinar

Gordon Bach

SVP, Culturally Inclusive Media Lead, Starcom

Photo of the speaker, Theresa Go, in the webinar

Theresa Go

VP, Head of the Inclusive Media Initiative, Pixability


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