What’s the Real Reason for James Murdoch’s Promotion?

Is News Corp. getting James Murdoch the hell out of Dodge?
The media empire—run, of course, by James Murdoch’s father Rupert—announced Wednesday that the younger man has risen to deputy chief operating officer, chairman and CEO of international operations. That promotion comes with a move from the U.K. to New York, which is rather convenient, as James Murdoch is currently embroiled in the phone-tapping scandal surrounding News Corp.’s British paper News of the World; he approved a secret payment to one of the victims.
In this freshly created position, Murdoch will be the third highest ranking person at News Corp. He will continue to report to Chase Carey, the company’s president and deputy chairman.
In a statement, Carey said, “James has demonstrated in an array of roles that he is a shrewd and decisive operator who can deftly navigate complex issues to transform businesses. He has equally shown a unique understanding of the emerging technologies and the digital forces that are reshaping our industry.”
Murdoch began his career at News Corp. in 1996. Though his sister Elisabeth returned to the family business when News Corp. acquired her production company in February, James is viewed as the heir apparent to his father’s media conglomerate. Rupert Murdoch turned 80 this month.