WGN GM Bill Shaw Exits Tribune

The old guard at Tribune continues to exit. The latest casualty is Bill Shaw, who since 2002, has served as the vp and general manager of the recently rebranded WGN. According to a report in the company’s own Chicago Tribune, Shaw will leave the company Aug. 1.

A replacement has not yet been named.

WGN was rebranded WGN America in late May, complete with a twist on an old radio slogan, “TV You Can’t Ignore,” and an updated logo from cable’s The Movie Channel. The superstation is one of new management’s pet projects who see the superstation as a poor performer with a lot of potential.

“Everybody [sees] the superstation as a giant turkey that could be an enormous asset, but there’s never been an effort to develop it,” said Sam Zell, chairman and CEO of Tribune in May.

In addition to the rebranding, Tribune’s new senior vp of programming and development, radio veteran Sean Compton, has repackaged WGN content, hired radio legend Casey Kasem to do voiceovers and run a radio-like contest.