Westwood One Signs Fred Thompson

Westwood One has signed former Senator and one-time presidential candidate Fred Thompson to host a daily national radio to replace the loss of Bill O’Reilly. The Fred Thompson Show is slated to debut on March 2, 2009.

For two hours each day, Thompson will share his views on politics and other topics, along with guest interviews and listener phone calls.

“There is no prerequisite for a great talk show host, but if I were going to make one up, senator, presidential candidate, federal prosecutor, radio commentator, film and TV star would be a pretty good start,” said Bart Tessler, executive vp of news and talk programming for Westwood One.

O’Reilly’s exit from radio left quite a hole, some 425 affiliates carried the program.  Westwood’s new program hosted by Thompson will be competing for affiliates with Fox News Channel’s John Gibson, which is launching Jan. 19.

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