Viacom Sues Cablevision Over iPad App

Follows similar suit against Time Warner Cable

Viacom is now fighting a two-front war against cable companies who want to offer its content on devices such as Apple’s iPad.

Viacom sued Time Warner Cable this past spring after the cable provider launched an app allowing its customers to stream TV channels over their iPads—channels including Viacom-owned networks MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central. Now, Viacom is filing a similar suit against Cablevision over its iPad app, the Los Angeles Times reports.

According to Viacom, neither Time Warner nor Cablevision has the right to stream its channels, claiming that the contract between the two companies covers television rights only. Cablevision is arguing that rights to stream content over multiple platforms “falls within our existing cable television licensing agreements with programmers—including Viacom.”

Meanwhile, Viacom and Time Warner are at a cease-fire in their own legal battle, both sides having agreed to take time out to resolve the dispute. They told the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York that they had decided to put a hold on legal proceedings so that they could continue negotiations without being burdened by the court case.