Updated: LX.TV Programs Expand to NBC

Two lifestyle program brands produced by LX.TV, NBC Local Media’s newly acquired production unit, will debut this weekend on WMAQ, the company’s owned-and-operated station in Chicago. Other local-specific versions of the weekend programs, 1st Look Chicago, a weekly guide to hot destinations in the market, and Open House Chicago, a guide to real estate and home improvement, already air on NBC’s owned-and-operated stations in Los Angeles and New York.

In addition, a national, syndicated version of LX.TV 1st Look will begin airing Oct. 4 on other NBC O & Os in San Francisco (KNTV), San Diego (KNSD), Hartford (WVIT), Dallas (KXAS), Washington, D.C. (WRC), and Philadelphia (WCAU).

Both local and national shows are available on-demand via LX.TV’s Web site (www.lxtv.com) and the station Web sites. LX.TV just relaunched its Web site, which includes a City Guide for each of the new markets, providing information on where to be, what to do and where to eat.

The new programming is part of NBC Local Media’s strategy to create and provide more local lifestyle content across all of NBC’s local channels. Purchased in January, LX.TV got its start with NBC by producing original shows for WNBC In New York. LX.TV also produces content for NBC Everywhere’s portfolio of out-of-home networks.

“This is the future for us as an industry,” said Morgan Hertzan, senior vp of NBC Local Media and general manager of LX.TV. “We create a lot of local news. Now we’re creating lifestyle content.”

Although the content on the syndicated version is national, stations will be able to customize the program by adding local segments.

“The show is fed out in modules, so stations can have as much time as they ask for. We’re suggesting they start with two minutes of local content,” Hertzan said. “We’re bringing back this national-local hybrid model like the old PM Magazine.”

The local LX.TV Chicago programs will be hosted by Connie de Bie and Blake Whealy. Stephanie Kurtz is the supervising producer and Chicago Bureau Chief for LX.TV.

The national LX.TV 1st Look will be hosted from multiple cities by Sara Gore, George Oliphant, Pedro Andrade, Siafa Lewis, Connie de Bie, Blake Whealy, Gardner Loulan and Viviana Vigil. Executive producers are Hertzan, Phyllis Schwartz, Beth Gerstenbluth and Lisa Lucas.

Hertzan hasn’t ruled out syndicating LX.TV programming to other non-NBC markets. “We’ll see how it goes. But for now, we’re starting on our stations,” he said.

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