Top 10 MediaFreak Posts of 2010

In the past year, there were shows that made us laugh, shows that made us cringe and those that kept us in suspense. But there’s one show that dominated TV screens and the Top 10 headlines of our MediaFreak blog: Lost. Here are the top MediaFreak posts in 2010 (in descending order, with No. 1 being the highest-trafficked post): 

1. ‘Lost’ season 6: answers answered
A look at the last two episodes and some ways we can answer the answers that so held us at bay for six years.

2. ‘Lost’: By the numbers (chart)
This chart reveals key numbers surrounding six seasons of ABC’s Lost.

3. A crash course in Olympics Etiquette 101
When you’re on a stage as big as the Olympics, is it really the time to be carrying on like a little kid?

4. Get your ‘Jersey Shore’ Halloween outfits
You had to see it coming: Halloween costumes based on Snooki and The Situation from MTV’s Jersey Shore.

5. Six seasons of ABC’s ‘Lost’ in 108 seconds
Check out a video montage/recap from Time’s resident Lost expert, James Poniewozik.

6. ‘Lost’ series finale is a night to remember
This was six years in the making, hours of blog and tweet reading, days of staring into the air.

7. ‘Modern Family’ spot rules on Oscar night
One word for the network promos that ABC ran during the Oscar telecast: meatballs!

8. Tens of millions of dollars later, these are the fall shows they come up with?
How can one explain the obvious misses that populate each network’s prime-time lineups this fall?

9. Upfront week redeemed a bit by CBS, CW
CBS and the CW rounded out upfront week for us New York media types.

10. 3 reasons to give ‘Vampire Diaries’ a shot
If these smokin’-hot promo posters don’t pique your interest, consider a few more reasons.