TiVo Launches ‘Pure Program’ Rating

TiVo introduced Thursday (July 30) the pure program rating, a new metric in its Stop||Watch ratings service, which measures second-by-second audiences to both time-shifted and live viewing. Breaking new ground in TV ratings, the pure program rating represents the first time a research service has separated audience measures for programming content from commercials within programming content to quantify just how much of the audience is lost to time-shifting.

With the new TiVo metric, programmers and advertisers can determine the percentage of potential viewers lost during a program’s commercial breaks.

For example, the pure program [time-shifted] rating of 17.0 for a May 7 episode of Grey’s Anatomy compared to the 2.7 commercial-rating shows that 14.3 rating points or 84 percent of the available program viewers to the program were lost to fast-forwarding during commercials.

“We’ve always compared commercial ratings to the time-block ratings. In the world of DVR viewing, it’s no longer sufficient,” said Todd Juenger, vp and general manager of audience research and measurement for TiVo. “With the pure program rating, we have the equivalent of a pure commercial rating. Doing so puts in even starker terms the challenge of delivering traditional commercial messages to a time-shifted viewing audience.”

Current TV ratings from Nielsen measure audiences to programs, but the metric includes audiences to commercials and promotional content that air within the program. In response to advertisers wanting commercial ratings, Nielsen introduced two years ago C3 ratings, a measure of the audience in an average commercial minute.