The Simpsons App Is Finally Using the Best Aspect Ratio Ever

Don't pretend you don't care

Good news, nerds—and we mean really serious, committed, supreme-o nerds: The Simpsons is now available in its original 4:3 aspect ratio on FXX's Simpsons World streaming app. Revered Simpsons showrunner Al Jean announced the switchover on Twitter late Thursday:

If you're wondering why anyone cares about this sort of thing, hearken to the distant past of last August, when furious Simpsons obsessives clogged the Internet with missives protesting the vandalism of numerous visual gags that didn't play when the show's beloved early seasons were crammed into the now-ubiquitous letterbox format. (To be fair, that "Sneed's Feed & Seed, Formerly Chuck's" sign—which was eventually preserved by some American hero in a Fox editing suite—is a true classic. Google it if you don't get it right away.)

No one cares about that sort of thing more than the creators of the show, to whom detail is absolutely everything, so now the series is "fixed," at least partly. Here's hoping they make it through the rest of the 4:3 seasons. And that they make the Simpsons World app available without a cable subscription.

To professionalism!