Romney Outspends GOP Pack in S.C.

TVB breaks out TV ad dollars

Mitt Romney and Romney PACs outspent former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in South Carolina in TV advertising nearly 2 to 1, but it wasn't enough, according to a TVB analysis of spending in the state.

PACs are contributing about half the dollars, duplicating what the campaign is spending, said Jack Poor, the TVB's vp of strategic planning. "It's a trend we're seeing across the board," he said.

TV political spending in S.C. (in millions) vs. vote

Source: TVB analysis of Kantar Media Campaign

Analysis Group data

Romney $2.7 27%
Gingrich $1.3 41%
Santorum $1.3 17%
Paul $1.0 13%
Perry  $.87 withdrew
TOTAL $7.2