Radio Disney Audience Growing

Radio Disney’s radio network for kids and their families posted its highest ratings since 2005, more than doubling its core kids 6-11 demographic.

Among kids, Radio Disney average daytime ratings — across the network’s 49 radio stations, satellite radio, Web site and iTunes Radio tuner — were up 10 percent last year to an overall 1.1 rating. Compared to 2005, ratings were up 83 percent, from a 0.6 rating.

In the all-important morning drive daypart, Radio Disney’s 1.5 rating among kids was a 114 percent increase compared to last year and 2005 when the network had a 0.7 rating.

In total, Radio Disney’s networks delivered weekly audiences of more than 31 million listeners aged 6 and older, including 9.2 million kids 6-14 and 4.8 million mothers (18 and over).

The ratings were based on a custom study conducted by Arbitron.

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