Mediaweek TV: Behind the Scenes of Fox’s Glee

When Fox previews its new musical series Glee on May 19, at 9 p.m., the network is hoping to erase viewers’ lingering critiques of the genre, due to prior failures such as CBS’s Viva Laughlin and ABC’s Cop Rock.

From Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy, Glee is sort of a twisted, over-the-top, and at times, uplifting look at high school life, as seen through the eyes of one school’s glee club.

For its May 19 preview, Glee will be paired with American Idol–which seems like a perfect fit. But following the network’s recent decision to launch the series next fall, many advertisers have questioned the wisdom of the new strategy. After all, marketing the show in postseason baseball seems to many like a mismatch.

Mediaweek correspondent Alan Frutkin spoke with the show’s cast and crew about Glee’s origins, its demands on the actors, and its fall premiere.