Lou Grant Actor Robert Walden Set for SXSW Session

From the Los Angeles Tribune to the Westin Austin

Kind of handy to be retired in Austin this time of year.


Three years ago, actor Robert Walden made that move. Which means the 73-year-old one-time co-star of beloved TV series Lou Grant won’t have far to go when he teaches “The Method and the Myth” this coming Monday afternoon.

For those too young to recall, Walden played investigative reporter Joe Rossi. His many other acting credits also include the role of Donald Segretti in All The President’s Men.

Ahead of the March 13 acting workshop, Rossi chatted with Dallas Morning News arts and culture digital producer Tommy Cummings:

“I’ve heard from people who are journalists who’ve had dogs, even cats, named Rossi,” Walden said. “There was something about that show at that time that made people understand in a way they didn’t before that the Fourth Estate is really a champion of the people and a voice of the people. And nobody is doing it to get rich. It’s a calling.”

Funnily enough, Walden says his favorite Lou Grant episode is the one titled “Dogs.” The third-season installment, about the newsroom gang’s reporting on dog fighting, helped speed a law that made that reprehensible practice a felony in several U.S. states.

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