Adam Carolla Shares a Few Oscars Set-Collapse Jokes

A preview of today's PodcastOne episode

As one of the writers for Jimmy Kimmel’s super-smooth Oscar debut, Adam Carolla has some good backstage insight into how it all came together. All of which he will talk about today on his PodcastOne podcast.

One of the things Carolla addresses is the slew of jokes that are written about a particular topic and then abandoned, for one reason or another. Think Natalie Portman, or a mishap during Saturday rehearsals that was leaked to TMZ and ultimately deemed to be off-limits. At one point in today’s podcast, Carolla has Gary scroll through his phone and retrieve from email some of the set-collapse gags that were written for Kimmel. They included:

“I was almost the latest addition to the In Memoriam montage ever.”

“Here’s hoping Trump hires the same contractors to build the wall.”

“If break a leg is luck, what is crush a back-up dancer?”

“I could have been crushed under that thing. How ironic. On the night of the Oscars, I get crushed when a house lands on me, just like in one of the most beloved and iconic movies of all time–Sharknado.”

Carolla also reveals just how opinionated a roomful of fortysomething writers can be about what type of candy should be dropped into the laps of A-listers.

Photo via: Twitter

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