An Exclusive Tour of Spike Lee’s Office at His Brooklyn Agency

When the old-guard shop DDB wanted its own Spike Lee joint, it gave the filmmaker an agency. Since 1997, SpikeDDB has been creating campaigns for big-name clients like Chevrolet, Cadillac, HBO and Pepsi. Just like with his films, Lee aims to create ads that are thought provoking and culturally significant. His boutique agency is tucked away in a Dumbo, Brooklyn loft space, in an unassuming building shared with Etsy and HopStop. The office is warm and inviting, with framed movie posters lining the walls above rows of creative staff. Behind a glass wall in the back of the office is where Lee spends many days working. Upon closer inspection, we found a well-appointed space full of personal touches made by Lee himself that provide a backdrop for creating advertising genius.


Room With a View

On a trip to London, Lee spotted this chair in a store window and had it shipped back to New York for his office. 


Work in Progress

The left-handed filmmaker and adman sketches some ideas for a project. Michael Jordan's Air Jordan campaign was Lee's first experience in advertising.


Home Team on Display

Lee is a well-known New York Knicks superfan and keeps team memorabilia throughout his office. The coconut next to the Knicks ball is a souvenir from the Zulu Mardi Gras parade: "I was the Grand Marshal at Mardi Gras 2003 in New Orleans," he said.


In Good Company

Lee's boutique agency is in a downtown Brooklyn loft space near many of the borough's hottest ad agencies, including Huge, Big Spaceship and Breakfast. 


Shelf Liners

Lee's office is full of art, music and literature that provide inspiration. 


Head on

Lee's office has a glass wall and is fully visible to everyone in the agency, creating a transparent work environment for the creatives. 


The Grind

Lee can often be found behind his desk during business hours working on projects.

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