British Rapper Bossman Birdie Co-Opts a Newsstand’s Worth of Magazine Covers

Grime Out London, Rollin' Stoned and more

This is a lot of fun. For his latest music video “Walk the Walk,” Tottenham’s Bossman Birdie starts out as if he is doing a cover shoot for a magazine. Only, that magazine turns out to be a whole bunch of different magazines, with playfully re-imagined titles and some winks as well to famous cover photos featuring the likes of Jay Z and Kanye West.

Esquire becomes Aspire, Vogue Hommes is Rogue Hommes, Time turns into Grime, and so on. In the style of those Harry Potter animated photos on the front pages of Hogwarts newspapers, the Bossman continues to sing as he dons various cover outfits and hits the front of your (new) favorite publication.

“I don’t deal with the war like Gandhi” is our favorite chorus. And be sure to pay attention to the cover lines; some are straight, others are send-ups.

Rack this one up for your Memorial Day Weekend and chances are you’ll be dancing up a storm just like the Bossman’s posse in the photo studio at the end of the video.