Ando: Sole Streaming Radio Ratings Source

Ando Media is now the sole source of streaming radio ratings. On Wednesday (April 8), the company announced that TargetSpot, the largest online radio advertising network, will use Ando’s Webcast Metrics as its audience measurement platform. TargetSpot, which represents more than 1,000 online stations, including AOL Radio and CBS Radio, formerly used Arbitron and comScore’s Webcast ratings.
Katz Online Network, which announced an extension of its agreement with Ando Media on Tuesday (April 7), has always used Ando’s Webcast Metrics.
Arbitron quietly decided to get out of the streaming radio ratings business earlier this year and discontinued its relationship with comScore. According to industry sources, Arbitron was unable to make money from the business faced with a competitor who charged little or nothing for the ratings and delivered them as a byproduct of its ad server business.
Ando still may face competition in the future from Arbitron’s portable people meter system, which has the capability to track online streams. But for now, Ando Media’s Webcast Metrics is the industry standard, measuring online listening audiences for over 5,600 stations.