AMPTP Meets With Mediator

Negotiators for the AMPTP, including president Nick Counter and executive vp Carol Lombardini, met Thursday at their headquarters in Sherman Oaks for several hours with the federal mediator assigned to deal with the stalemate over SAG’s TV/Theatrical contract.

At the meeting, mediator Juan Carlos Gonzalez was presented with details by the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers of its final offer to SAG.

The AMPTP also included “background information on the major labor agreements that AMPTP has reached this year with WGA, DGA and AFTRA, which served as the basis for our Final Offer to SAG.”

Gonzalez indicated he would advise both sides as to the next step in the process.

The mediator was called in by SAG earlier this month to intervene in the months-long stalemate between the union and the AMPTP over a new contract. The previous contract expired June 30.

SAG leaders met last Friday with Gonzalez.

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