Adult Swim’s Warped Viral Sitcom Parody References a Stunning 30+ Shows and Movies

'Too Many Cooks' crams a lot in the kitchen

Adult Swim lifer and writer/director Casper Kelly has really outdone himself with this one: Too Many Cooks, an 11-minute credits sequence for the show Infomercials, runs the gamut from sitcom to space opera to Twin Peaks-style surreal thriller and back again.

It's hard to know what to say about it, except that it's incredibly well done and slyly pays nostalgic homage to more than 30 television shows including Too Close for Comfort, Alf and Roseanne. It manages not to be too overt while still pleasing those of us who wonk out on this kind of thing. (Personal favorite: the miniatures-and-greenscreen-heavy Star Trek/Battlestar Galacticoid show, where people wear shutter shades because of the future.)

If you watch it long long enough, it starts to make a weird and cockeyed kind of sense—Kelly has his own rules, and they're consistent. They're just not rules you've ever heard of before.

For Infomercials, the network basically lets its directors run riot. There are other great segments too, but this—this is something really special.

Kelly's post on YouTube has a million hits already. It's an amazing piece of work (higher res here) and hopefully it will draw attention to his other great show on Adult Swim, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, a funny workplace comedy set in The Bad Place. The dude's been writing for Adult Swim since Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and has a book out called More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer.

I mean, wow.


So we got in touch with Adult Swim, and they sent us a list of every single show that's being namechecked here. If you're watching this on repeat, like we are, see if you can find where they all are. Or don't! You have to eat and go to the bathroom at some point. The list:

Small Wonder

Family Matters

Facts of Life

Gimme a Break

Too Close for Comfort

Punky Brewster

Golden Girls


Bill Cosby Show

Full House

Family Ties

Life Goes On

Barney Miller

TJ Hooker

Hill St. Blues

GI Joe

Falcon Crest


Silence of the Lambs

Battlestar Galactica

Space 1999


Twin Peaks

Mulholland Drive

Animal House



The New Girl

Synochdoche, NY

Jason X

Sorority House Massacre

It's a Living!

Brady Bunch

UPDATE: There are surely more than the 33 listed above. Adult Swim's list doesn't include the Wonder Woman reference at 5:45 or Manimal at 9:29. What else can you spot? Let us know in the comments.