Hispanic Issue

Parenting Sites Take Baby Steps to Reach Latinas

With Latinos accounting for a quarter of U.S. births, parenting websites are redoubling efforts to attract the burgeoning segment. But while some are rolling out new sites, others are opting to test the waters as targeting Hispanic women is not quite as straightforward as it may seem.

Studios Drawn to the Field of Streams

Plenty of digital content has died after producers preached the content-first approach: “If you put it on the Internet, they will buy ads.” Now, however, at least three studios are betting that by being more focused—specifically, targeting the booming Hispanic population, with its large number of young eyeballs—they’ll attract ad dollars and flourish where other

Old Brands, New Faces

Take a look at Sofia Vergara. Go ahead—everybody else is.

Hispanic Agency of the Year

In a radio spot from last year created by Austin, Texas-based agency LatinWorks, a woman with a crisp English accent recalls that British Prime Minister David Cameron warned in a speech that European men were suffering from baldness as a result of eating chicken.