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These Social Data Visualizations Show Olympics Wins and Badlands Beauty

August on Facebook was all about the Olympics, and the personal brands of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps benefited greatly. The social network said the Summer Games in Rio generated 1.5 billion interactions (shares, likes," "haha," "wow," "sad," etc.) by 277 million people.

231 Million People Talked About Pokemon Go on Facebook in July

When Pokemon Go became a viral sensation last month, people turned to Facebook and Instagram to talk about it.

If Facebook Chatter Is Any Indication, This Will Be the Next Big Beauty Trend

For the past couple months, Adweek has worked with Facebook to look at chatter about topics that are on the cusp of blowing up on the social network, giving marketers an idea of what the next big consumer trends will be.

Why Facebook Marketers Should Consider Targeting Science Brainiacs

With the help of Facebook IQ on Tuesday, we took a look at which topics on Facebook and Instagram were unusually buzzy in April—the ninth installment in a series from the social media company and Adweek.

These Data Visualizations Show How Facebook and Instagram Users Reacted to Prince’s Unexpected Death

The world has mourned Prince Rogers Nelson since the musical genius' shocking death on April 21.

Facebook and Instagram Chatter Suggests Middle-Aged Men Are Getting Back Into Arcade Games

Understanding social chatter—particularly on Facebook with its roughly 1 billion daily users and Instagram, which Gen Y loves—is becoming increasingly important for marketers.

Why Facebook Could Be Bernie Sanders’ Secret Weapon in Battling Hillary Clinton

February was—as GOP front-runner Donald Trump would say—absolutely yuuuge for presidential politics thanks to several state primaries and caucuses.

Celebrity Deaths Create Different Kinds of Buzz on Facebook and Instagram

January was an unusually sad month in celebrity news, with many beloved entertainers passing away. And while their deaths were often the talk of social media, the amount of buzz varied channel by channel, according to Facebook IQ. 

7 Consumer Brands That Generated Big Buzz on Facebook Last Month

Each month, Facebook provides Adweek exclusive data about the hottest topics being discussed by U.S. users of the massive social network.  

These Were November’s Buzziest Topics on Facebook

When Facebook rolled out safety features during the recent Paris attacks, folks fired off a slew of comments a