Artificial intelligence

The Future Belongs to Brands That Can Give Consumers Instant Gratification

The strongest human impulse when confronting extreme technology can either be to push back or stick with the status quo. Think about the movie industry when TV first appeared or the music business in the early days of the internet.

These Smart Retail Shelves Tell Brands All About Who Is Looking at Their Products

The next time you pick up a six-pack of Coca-Cola at your local grocery store, artificial intelligence may be analyzing your eye movements and facial expressions.

Here Are 8 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

The first week of 2017 didn't disappoint when it comes to digital marketing statistics, with news pouring in from Apple, researchers across the pond and the Consumer Electronics Show.Check out the eight data points below that grabbed our attention:

5 Bleeding-Edge Brands That Are Infusing Retail With Artificial Intelligence

The next time you're in a Lowe's hardware store don't be surprised if a robot zooms up to ask if anyone needs help. And when you order your morning joe, […]

These Upstarts Are Taking on Big Tech in the Rapidly Expanding Artificial Intelligence Field

The next time you see Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with an unflattering look on her face in a TV spot supporting GOP rival Donald Trump, it's all but certain you can attribute the ad creative to artificial intelligence. The Republican National Committee is using machine-learning software from Veritone, a 2-year-old player that just secured $50 million in funding.

Should Brands Tread Lightly With AI After Facebook’s ‘Trending’ Debacle?

Do Facebook's "Trending" troubles—thanks to leaning on artificial intelligence to show what content is hot—mean that AI isn't ready for prime time? Marketers this week are grappling with the question. 

Facebook Can Now Tell Blind Users About the Pictures in Their News Feeds

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted this morning that the social network now offers blind people audio descriptions of images.

Microsoft’s Chatbot ‘Tay’ Just Went on a Racist, Misogynistic, Anti-Semitic Tirade

Microsoft, with help from its search engine Bing, created an artificial intelligence messaging bot called "Tay," which it rolled out this week on

These 8 Brands and 3 Tech Topics Dominated the Social Buzz at SXSW

Another South by Southwest Interactive is in the books, and so much of what happens at the conference every year reverberates on social media. So we asked Sysomos to look at which brands shined brightest during the five-day tech festival and suss out SXSW's hottest topics in 2016.

4 Ways to Catch Robots’ Attention With Your Marketing

Decision-making consumers are a marketer's most important focus. Now imagine consumers having someone else deciding all their purchases—computers talking only to other computers, making decisions for their human "masters" without consulting them—deciding what foods they should eat, what detergent to use, what vacations to take.