Whether It’s Online or IRL, Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Is All About Authenticity

Specs Age 60 Claim to fame Host of Spike TV's Bar Rescue (new episodes begin Sunday, June 21); president of Nightclub & Bar Media Group and Taffer Media Base Las Vegas

Ad of the Day: Ricky Gervais Crashes Your Favorite Netflix Shows

Despite winning only seven of the 31 Emmys its shows were nominated for, Netflix still found a clever way to cash in on the popularity of its original programs during Monday's telecast.

Arrested Development Outbuzzing House of Cards

The specter of House of Cards, the breakout Netflix series, hung over the NewFronts a few weeks ago. In fact, its arguable as to whether the show did more harm than good for the industry, since it radically elevated the expectation of what a "Web series" can be (since it’s really just a $100 million TV show that HBO didn’t produce; its delivery is digital). It’s hardly fair to compare HOC to anything AOL and Crackle are cranking out, at least currently.But while the buzz for HOC was intense (as was the chatter among the members of the digital ad industry and digital press regarding the show), it’s nothing compared to Arrested Development, the other Web show Netflix is rolling out—this weekend, in fact.