Cable TV

College Football Playoff Quickly Becomes a TV and Social Media Power Player

College football, which culminates Monday night with its first playoff championship game, is either in the process of building its own version of the Super Bowl or is setting the stage for a much bigger version of March Madness.

Viacom’s Downturns Have Gotten So Predictable They’re an Easy Buck for Investors

As usual, Viacom is doomed.

Join Today’s #AdweekChat for a Discussion of Cable, Streaming Video and Cutting the Cord

The TV dominance of cable and satellite seems to be eroding quickly this year, as more and more content becomes available on streaming services or for purchase a la carte. 

Nickelodeon’s Jim Perry on His Network and the State of the Market

After a particularly painful ratings drop-off, Nickelodeon is turning things around. The cable network has always controlled the lion's share of the GRPs in the kids' TV market (more than 70 percent of all kids' TV budgets, in fact), and it's returning to business as usual with what sources say is about a 5 percent uptick in CPM rates for the current upfront.

TV Takes the Gold in Q3

Thanks in large part to an Olympian television marketplace and the deep pockets of Procter & Gamble and General Motors, U.S. advertising expenditures in the third quarter were up 7 percent versus the year-ago period.

Play Ball! Fox, Turner to Re-Up With MLB

Major League Baseball has secured its media rights deals through the start of the next decade, coming to agreements with Fox and Turner Sports on a pair of new eight-year pacts worth billions.

PwC Outlook: TV’s Growth Prospects Look Strong

If the upfront marketplace does not appear to be as strong as broadcasters previously had anticipated, an inundation of political and Summer Olympics dollars will go a long way toward keeping the networks flush in 2012.

Like an Adult in a Toy Store: Hasbro Shows Off Its Wares to Collectors

The Hasbro Fan Media Day at New York's annual Toy Fair is more or less what it sounds like—a motley collection of bloggers, amateur photographers and fan site administrators whose interest in Hasbro extends well beyond the professional. They are, in a word, nerds, and Hasbro loves them very much.

Nat Geo First on the Scene for ‘Disaster’

Less than a month after the Carnival Cruise ship Costa Concordia sank off the Tuscan coastline, the National Geographic Channel is on the scene with a refurbished documentary about the incident, appropriately titled Italian Cruise Ship Disaster: The Untold Stories, beating out Discovery's already announced project on the same topic.

Blustery With a Chance of Down Parkas

Six months ago, The Weather Channel hired a meteorology whiz. Only this one won’t be doing the five-day forecast in front of a green screen.