How CMOs From BET and NTWRK Contribute Back to Culture

Kimberly Evans Paige and Jason Brown talk curating creativity and centering around community

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In this all new CMO Moves Duos episode, BET CMO Kimberly Evans Paige and NTWRK’s Jason Brown dive into the intersection of entertainment and commerce for their culture-led brands. The two leaders share how they’re achieving the perfect science of creativity and community to empower young creators and artists and help them tell their own stories. “We’ve always operated in this dual space. We’re a content company. We deliver experiences, but our ‘why’ is really rooted in changing outcomes for our community,” said Paige. 

Similarly, Brown discussed the “mantra” for NTWRK being that they don’t just sell products, they empower talent to share their art for the world to access. “We want to share the work of this amazing creative community. Also then simultaneously inspire that next generation of people that may or may not have thought they could be that person,” says Jason. 

Tune in to hear more about the exciting collaborations Kim and Jason have already executed, how they’re thinking about Black History Month and the delicate dance of keeping a pulse on new and emerging talent.

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