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New Findings on How Gen Z is Adapting in a Pandemic

Prior to this current health crisis, many marketers may have found themselves scrambling to understand the ever-evolving and notoriously elusive cohort that makeup Generation Z. While much of that focus has obviously taken the backseat as new things need our attention, now may be a better time than ever to explore new ways to adapt to this digital native and social-first generation.

In this episode, I’m joined by Kieran Mathew, Founder and CEO of Amplify Solutions, for an exclusive look at the results from their soon-to-be-published research report titled “Gen Z - Responding and Adapting to Covid-19.” Kieran and I discuss the things that Gen Z consumers hope to see from brands when it comes to advertising right now, Gen Z’s new shopping habits and outlook on the future, and what can brands do right now to establish a connection with Gen Z that will continue in the post-coronavirus world.