founder and CEO, The Ambassadors Company

In Times of Crisis, Gen Z Urges ‘Be a Brand, Not Our Best Friend’

In times of crisis, Gen Z consumers are especially discerning regarding a brand’s messaging and actions in response. Maxine Marcus, founder and CEO of The Ambassadors Company, surveyed more than 100 trendsetting and thought-leading Gen Z’ers to find out what exactly they want to see from brands right now and going forward. In this episode, we cover segmenting, messaging, perceived authenticity, brand loyalty and more. View the report here and listen in for the key insights.

Key Takeaways from this Episode

  • Strike a balance between being tone-deaf and overbearing. Gen Z considers a brand tone-deaf if they address the crisis in a way that isn’t aligned with their core values or try to take advantage of the crisis as a marketing ploy. On the other end of the spectrum, brands can seem overbearing if they fail to maintain the value that they provided to their customers prior to the crisis and instead address the crisis too much. At the end of the day, it comes down to how well a brand knows its’ core customers and what these customers would be looking towards the brand to provide during this time.
  • Be Aware of Perceived Authenticity: Now is not the time to create new customers out of Gen Z, it’s time to engage with the Gen Z customers you already have. If Gen Z didn’t care about your brand before the crisis, they aren’t going to care now. No amount of social good during this time is going to change that. Double down on your core values and nurture the customers you already have.
  • Remember, Gen Z is Loyal. In terms of messaging, you just want to be adaptable and you want to continue to communicate your core value, have actionable and clear social impact and generate natural word of mouth. It's not always brand-out communications that win with Gen Z. And when you do those things, loyalty will persist.