Elisabeth Charles, CMO of Rodan and Fields
Elisabeth Charles
Chief Marketing Officer

Rodan + Fields CMO On Becoming The No. 1 Skincare Brand that Nobody’s Heard Of

Elisabeth Charles, CMO of Rodan + Fields is not only a serial big-brand CMO (formerly of Petco, Athleta and Old Navy), she’s already earned her stripes as a GM for Old Navy Outlets before taking on her role leading marketing for the No. 1 skincare brand in North America.

“We only have 32% aided brand awareness. I like to think of us as the number one brand that nobody has heard of, but it's actually one of the things that intrigued me about joining the company.”

Rodan + Fields is a new format for Elisabeth too, with 300,000 consultants representing the skincare brand direct with their own built consumer base. Some of these consultants, A.K.A. brand ambassadors, have been so successful in representing R+F, that they now manage huge teams they amassed in bringing in new consultants. Elisabeth is focused on always equipping them with the best marketing materials they need to tell the story of Rodan + Fields, as well as really tuning in to what they need in order to be successful as acting CEOs of their self-built teams.

“When the consultants start to tell their stories about why they got into the business and how it's changed their lives, I'm inspired every day because I will hear about whether it's just being able to pay the mortgage, maybe a spouse has become ill or lost their job. There are 1,001 reasons why they might come into the business, but then hearing how it's changed their life, not even so much financially, but as a woman, how much confidence they've gained building their own business, getting to a point where they're mentoring other people and building teams. It's so exciting to see how people come into their own and unlock their potential.”

What’s equally interesting is that Elisabeth now reports to CEO, Diane Dietz, who is the former CMO of Safeway. Sheesh, what to do with all that power between two ladies? Well, as Elisabeth shares, it isn’t always easy for one CMO to report to another former CMO. The best thing you can do before taking the job is to put out a few trial balloons to really test the reality of ownership. You’ll have to tune in to hear more from Elisabeth on how she approached her first interview with Diane and why she took the job. Also, find out about the exciting world of Rodan + Fields, and why this brand, once owned by Estee Lauder, decided to go direct.