Nuno Teles

President of Diageo Nuno Teles on Why Culture is Everything

Nuno Teles, President of Diageo Beer Company and former CMO of Heineken, shares his perspective on what it takes to be a holistic CMO and transition into a President role.  Both have P&L and Corporate Culture responsibility, but the President role is even that much more about people in addition to the expanded responsibilities of finance, sales, operations and human resources.  Critically important in transitioning is knowing how to let go of what you’ve done before and focus on empowering your team.

There are so many gems of advice in this insightful conversation for both marketers and those aspiring to take on broader leadership roles.  Nuno generously shares his former CMO playbook and his three steps of “be distinctive, innovate and execute” to win in the marketplace.  Particularly important, he says, is to move from brand relevance to brand presence.

Focusing in on his new role as President, I truly appreciated Nuno’s authentic and genuine passion for ensuring the right culture was in place to help his team thrive knowing that culture is the true vehicle for success.  When asked what the difference was in the responsibility of a CMO vs a President in shaping the culture, Nuno said “The CMO is the lighthouse of a leadership team that can really excite all the others about the opportunities that we can, as an organization, capture. As President, you play a different role in getting the congruency between where we want to go and the tools, resources, systems, people and training to get there.”

Loved this conversation with Nuno and especially delighted to hear his personal passion and secret dream.  Hint: Denise Karkos we will be calling you!!