Lynne Biggar
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Visa CMCO Lynne Biggar on Going Forward from Here

Lynne Biggar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Visa, shares her success tips and unique path that shaped her career to now leading one of the world’s biggest and most iconic brands.  A self-described “business major with a minor in marketing” and a passion for travel, Lynne’s focus on performance-driven marketing, staying ahead of trends and empowering her team is what enables her to have an impact on a global scale.

Visa operates in over 200 markets around the world and, although Lynne travels every week to personally experience as many markets as possible, her role is to identify the global efficiencies and effectiveness and then provide the framework for success that the local experts can adapt for their unique markets.

Key to success is attracting and hiring great talent, so to do that, Visa rewrote their mission statement, “ enable individuals, businesses and economies to thrive”, and established six new leadership principles to reinforce their commitment to collaboration in order to bring financial access to millions of people around the world.  With $17 Trillion in spending that could become cashless, the opportunities for growth at Visa are vast and as Lynne would likely say, “don’t rely on what you did yesterday, ask the right questions and go forward from here.”

Join us as we talk about Lynne’s perspective on leadership, marketing success factors, developing great talent, career-defining moves, lessons learned and connecting to your passions.