Special Edition: CMO Moves Duos Suzy Deering and Lara Balazs

eBay and Intuit CMOs Talk Personalized Performance

In 90 episodes of CMO Moves, we've covered a number of important issues that are driving the CMO agenda today.  One, in particular, keeps rising to the top as a mystery unsolved: people-powered growth fueled by transformative technology.

In all my discussions with exceptional CMOs, we’ve discussed this topic, but Lara Balazs, CMO of Intuit, decided to take it on in with unwavering intention. Together with Lara, we devised a four-part series that would dive deep into different parts of the equation, bringing you key learnings and actionable insights along the way.

Today, we’re tackling part one, Personalized Performance, with the incredible Suzy Deering, CMO of eBay. Join us as we tackle this topic from Intuit’s headquarters, which we broadcasted globally to the Intuit marketing and communications team around the world. Stay tuned for parts two, three and four – where we tackle another part of the critical mission with different CMO experts for each topic.

For now, grab a pen and paper as we are going deep. Below is a quick cheat sheet on investing in data science, developing your teams, moving beyond your vertical and plenty more – all from this powerful discussion between Lara and Suzy on CMO Moves Duos.

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Key Takeaways on Personalized Performance

Invest in Your People

"One of the things I was drawn to at Intuit was that we absolutely invest in our employees and have a whole learning and development program. … Being in the Bay Area, it's really hard to get the brightest talent and data scientists. So, we have ramped up our hiring but we've also invested in up-skilling our current folks. We've put 800 employees into a learning course that allows them to learn more about data science and machine learning. That is a great example of where we're investing in our people and not just always going outside." —Lara Balazs, Intuit

Champion on Behalf of the Customer

"IT, tech teams and engineers— they all want to understand more from us than we probably ever give them credit for. I think very often we hold ourselves back because we don't know how to have that conversation and very often, it isn't necessarily about how to actually deploy [technology], but how to think of it through that lens of the customer. You have to think about the experience that you want to deliver to the customer and ensure that when you're having those discussions with your partners, you can really express that on their behalf." —Suzy Deering, eBay

Move Beyond Your Vertical

"I think any way we can pay it forward and learn from each other is key. And inherent in that is breaking down the silos. … The world isn't designed vertically anymore. It's designed horizontally and our customers have nonlinear experiences with our products. And as a community, we have to acknowledge that we have to move beyond our expertise, move beyond our craft, our channel, and think horizontally about how our customers interact with our products. And If we're always operating like our org chart, we are doing our customers a disservice." –Lara Balazs, Intuit

Tap Into the Power of Communities

"When I think personalized performance, very often we would talk about it as one-to-one and I'm not 100% convinced yet that that’s actually where we have to go. There are times that one-to-one [marketing] makes sense, but in our day and age where people are finding interest in communities, I feel that's a better space to stay in. I'd rather spend more time understanding where in their customer journey we can make those meaningful impacts and touchpoints to really get that right performance."  —Suzy Deering, eBay

Embrace a Test-and-Learn Mentality

"One of the things that I love about this whole environment is that we're still all learning about it. When we talk about our ‘Design for Delight’ and customer-driven innovation, what’s great is that we have this whole test and learn approach and we've created a learning module on how to test and how to do multivariate testing. And I think bad results are good too because you're learning from them, but you have to have a test-and-learn mentality and a nimble, agile approach all of the time. I think that’s key as you’re working with data." —Lara Balazs, Intuit

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