David Edelman
Chief Marketing Officer

Aetna CMO David Edelman on Agile Digital Transformation of a Complex Ecosystem

Dave Edelman, CMO of Aetna, is one of the world’s leading authorities on not just Digital Transformation, but how to do that with agility and scale.  After graduating from Harvard Business School, Dave was certain of one thing – he would want to spend his career in the center of science and creativity.

Dave first set out with the Boston Consulting Group to focus on “segment of one marketing,” which allowed him to explore different ways that companies could incorporate customer data into their operations. He then became part of the team that started Digitas, spending his time working hand-in-hand with the marketing, creative and technology teams to create unique solutions for clients.  This then led him to becoming a Partner at McKinsey, where he started working on broader change efforts in companies that were becoming more digital and more marketing-forward and developed a passion for agile and fast-cycle operations.

So, when Dave took on the role of CMO of Aetna, he was not only geared up, he was excited to help lead a massive marketing transformation effort that included 3000+ customer touch points, many of which were B2B.  But it wasn’t the transformation in and of itself that excited him, it was the why behind the effort.  To turn Aetna into a consumer-oriented, brand-forward company with a clear vision and a new-found purpose.  To hear Dave talk with great pride about how Aetna’s purpose is all about helping people be healthier by giving them the tools they need, you almost forget about the massive digital transformation that he had to take on to align and optimize those 3000 customer touch points.

But don’t worry, we go deep into how Dave approached his role and the journey he and his 500+ person team have been on for the past couple of years.  If you ever wanted to hear how to transform a company with a complex B2B2B2B2C ecosystem into a truly consumer-oriented, brand-forward company leveraging all the power of digital, creative, operations, strategy and vision…now’s the time.  A real masterclass with David Edelman.