Dana Anderson
Chief Transformation Officer

MediaLink’s Dana Anderson on How to Set Your CMO Table

Dana Anderson, Chief Transformation Officer of MediaLink, is one of my favorite people on the planet. She mesmerizes me with her brilliant, sharp humor which is always delivered with transparent, best intentions. Every time I talk with Dana, I want to write down every word she says as she shares truths and insights that come from her tremendous career experience. As former CMO of Mondelez and now CTO for MediaLink, I knew there would be no better person to ask than Dana on what’s happening today in the challenging and rapidly changing intersection of agencies and brands.

Join us in this incredibly fun and thought-provoking conversation about how brands and agencies can better work together today and what the expectations should be on both sides, given new dynamics in the marketplace.  Dana shares her perspective from when she was on the client side as CMO, as well as her perspective now as a connector between the two, servicing both brands and agencies in their quest to transform together. Or, when it’s simply time to “break-up”.

In particular, Dana goes deep into the role of the CMO and how they should be “setting their table” in the first 100 days and beyond.  We also cover the evolution of content, new generational demands and how to remove unnecessary friction with consumers along the way to ensure there are substantial wins on the table that can transition into a strategic growth plan.

As Dana says “It’s the best of times and the worst of times.  Start having fun being a marketer again!  Have a little swagger.  Have joy in crafting a great strategy. And don’t forget to nurture your curiosity and generosity.”