Emily Culp

Cover FX President Emily Culp Talks Boardroom and Purple Squirrels

Emily Culp, President of Cover FX Skincare knows what it takes to move from CMO to President. From starting her career on the agency side with Digitas and Ogilvy, to leading digital and omni-channel marketing for brands like Clinique, Unilever and Rebecca Minkoff to the CMO of Keds, Emily is not one to shy away from stretch-opportunities.

On this episode, Emily talks about the importance of finding and joining a board that is the right fit – in commitment, expectations and chemistry – and how that helped prepare her for her now role as President. She also describes how she looks for “purple squirrels” as part of her team. You’ll have to listen to get the full gist (it’s a fantastic perspective), but at the core it’s all about building a team of curious individuals who can balance both quant and the qual skills.

Beyond her role at Cover FX, Emily (as a mom of two) is passionate about changing U.S. maternity leave legislation to better support parents during and after their leave. Tune in to hear more of her refreshing perspectives, the difference between weight lifting and meditation, and the wonderful quote she leaves us with at the end.