Jennifer Breithaupt, CMO of Citi
Jennifer Breithaupt
Global Consumer CMO

How Citi’s Global Consumer CMO Is Advancing Equality Through Music

Fresh off her GRAMMY week hosting musical artists in the Citi Sound Vault at the Hollywood Palladium, Jennifer Breithaupt, global consumer CMO, Citi, and I got a chance to talk about her role and the exciting things she’s working on across the industry. If you are a Citi customer, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of all the exclusive concerts and experiences that Citi provides, but what you may not know is how focused Jennifer is on helping to advance equality through music.

As a global leader, Jennifer has the opportunity and responsibility to have a global impact. Last March, Jennifer teamed up with the ANA to launch #SeeHerHearHer that brings together other global brands and leading artists to provide opportunities for women across the music industry. Why? Because as Jennifer says, the stats in the music business are “not good enough.”

Only 22.5% of popular artists, 14% of songwriters and 5% of producers on the top charts in 2019 are women. #SeeHerHearHer is designed to collectively lift women in the music industry through mentorship, funding, and the commitment of leaders to make room and provide opportunity. Jennifer carries this commitment through her external and internal activities, setting a rule for all her partners that there must be 50/50 representation on their teams or she simply won’t work with them.

Another important initiative for Jennifer is helping women take better care of themselves through the #MeForYou movement. This movement applies to everyone, but with a focus on women who are often known to put everyone and everything else before themselves. The mission is simple and can be life-changing: create awareness around cancer threats and encourage everyone to do cancer screening regardless of life-stage. With this awareness, many young women have found out terrible news, but as a result of screening early, they have been able to side-step a far worse prognosis later in their lives. As one woman on her team said, “it saved my life.” And, as you’ll hear in this episode, it may have saved my life, too.

Join us in this fascinating deep dive behind the scenes of the music industry and how Jennifer leads her team at Citi. Hear her tips on how to hire and her recipe for leadership. Plus, find out what Jennifer doesn’t do because she’s “seen the end of that movie.”