Chris Bruzzo
Chief Marketing Officer

EA CMO Chris Bruzzo on The Hunt for a Signature Move

Chris Bruzzo, CMO of Electronic Arts (EA), has a passion for “Signature Moves.” His career from healthcare marketing to Amazon to Starbucks to EA is already a list of critical career moves, but within those roles, he challenges himself and his team to be constantly on the hunt for a signature move.

What is a signature move?  Per Chris, “I think the challenge, especially for marketers, is to take well planned, well-executed marketing strategies and marketing campaigns and deliver them consistently with business results that leverages a moment in culture that really connects emotionally with a group of people. Those tend to be the ones that add up to what I call a signature move.” Chris shared a few examples from his career, including one at Amazon which was both a signature move and a signature miss in retrospect when looking at the rise of YouTube.

Clearly at Starbucks, Chris had a number of signature moves as well, but what really lured him away was the opportunity to be the first CMO of EA since it started in 1982 to bring together the marketing team and transform the relationships with their players.  As a company that produces content that evolves the moment it is released, Chris quickly brought together all traditional functions plus publishing, sales and analytics under marketing and has direct responsibility for company revenue.

“Normally the marketer is the storyteller for the product, but at EA, the product is itself a story and an experience that launches on a particular day and then becomes something totally different. The way it becomes something totally different is the engagement of millions of players who actually impact what the story is in the game. And so that's a really fascinating challenge for marketers and one of the most important things that we have to do is become a resource to the game makers to help them identify trends of what's working for players and what isn't.”

Tune in to dive deeper into Chris’s fantastical world of social gaming, seminal Gen Z insights, real-time player engagement, breaking down boundaries, transforming an internal culture to equal the external brand and how he’s gearing up to make more signature moves!