Adam Stotsky

President of E! Entertainment Adam Stotsky on The Future of Media

Adam Stotsky, President of E! Entertainment, completely surprised me a couple of weeks ago when he called leaving the red carpet of the Emmy’s just to volunteer to be a mentor in the CMO Moves Mentor program.  There are all kinds of “wow” in there, but as I began to learn more about Adam, I couldn’t help but think he absolutely needed to be a guest on CMO Moves. As the former CMO of NBC Entertainment before becoming President of E!, Adam had a lot of great tips to share on how to prepare yourself for that type of career transition and what he learned from his exciting career in Media.

Speaking of Media, that seems to be the hottest topic these days as there is so much debate around what the future of media will look like, which channels will grow and why, how content is created and how consumers, especially Gen Z, are consuming and participating in real-time.  With powerhouse celebrities fueling distribution through their personal channels, like the Kardashians with a social media footprint of well over a billion followers, there is much to be seen still and opportunities for co-creation emerging from all corners.

Join us in this fascinating conversation, which explores the future of media, and stay tuned over the coming weeks as I continue dive into different expert perspectives from Leslie Berland, CMO and Head of People of Twitter, Lee Applbaum, Global CMO of Patron Tequila and Grey Goose Vodka, Fernando Machado, Global CMO of Burger King, Dana Anderson, Chief Transformation Officer of MediaLink and more!  It’s a very exciting time to be a marketer!